About Us

About Our Brand: “BeeZee Books” is a play on the letter Z and is the first letter of both our children’s names. The letter Z was a prerequisite that we wanted to include in our branding. We set out to incorporate that with “busy books” from this we settled on BeeZee Books and our branding was born in May 2019

On the 1st January 2021, we have changed our name to "BeeZeeLittleKids" as we are hoping to expand our collection to provide more educational resources to your little ones.


About Us: We are a family of 4 my husband Dale, my son Zac, my daughter Zoe and myself Vanessa. Our son Zac who has autism and a happy, energetic boy who also LOVES music of any type and Our daughter Zoe she is a “typical” girl who is very shy, LOVES animals and always asking us for a pet of her own. 


About Our Product: The concept, idea and our passion for “busy books” started when we realised how much it captured our children's attention through their interaction and all the while provided an educational experience not to mention other benefits such as improving their fine motor skills.


We are very familiar with the constant need to provide creative ways to assist and engage with children particularly with special needs. Our products have also benefitted speech and occupational therapists by providing them opportunities for engaging with their clients in visual, touch, feel and social story scenarios to name a few. 


We would love for you to have quality time engaging with your little ones playing with our books or by giving them interactive alone time to explore their imagination and create their own experience.